Our strategy


Our vision

We believe that every family in Scotland should receive the support they need following the loss of a baby.

Our mission

To support as many bereaved families in Scotland as possible to grieve, honour and remember their precious baby whenever the time is right.

Values Journey illustration

Our values journey

At Simba we live our values in the way we support every family in their journey with us.

We offer compassion when families first come into contact with us, because every loss is heart-breaking.

Whether we have personal experience or not, we show empathy when we support families.

Everything we do is thoughtful. Every memory box, every moment is considered, because it really matters.

And we’re supportive now – and always – because every family’s experience is different; simply, we’re there whenever they need time, space or love.

Our strategic objectives

Small Memory Box And Bears
Bereaved parents and families are gifted a Memory Box where possible and are supported to make memories at the earliest opportunity.
Eildon Bereavement Room
Skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals are trained to provide confident bereavement support to parents and families whose baby has died.
Morna Thomson
Supportive and understanding employers are able to offer empathy and support employees who have experienced baby loss.
Wisp Of Hair box
Opportunities for parents, families and friends to continue to acknowledge and create memories, honouring a baby who has died.
Large Memory Box
An understanding and empathetic society that is empowered to support the journey of those who have experienced baby loss.