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You are not alone. We are here to offer you the support you need following the loss of your baby. We want to help you create precious moments to honour your baby’s memory. The approach we take is deeply personal, our team and volunteers coming together because every baby matters. Every single one.

Memory Boxes

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Our hand-finished Memory Boxes are gifted to families at their critical time of loss and we donate these to maternity and gynaecology wards, neonatal units and hospices so that the health professionals there can offer these at the right time, so families have a tangible way to honour their baby and where possible, create memories of cherished time spent together. 

Our Memory Boxes are gifted directly to individual families who have experienced the loss of a baby earlier in pregnancy.

Trees of Tranquillity

And our Trees of Tranquillity are remembrance sculptures and set in peaceful, reflective spaces across Scotland so families can visit to honour a baby who has died.

Each Tree is adorned with individual copper leaves, personalised to each baby.

We know that families find a real comfort in seeing the name of their baby alongside many other much missed little ones.

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