Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Scotland

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Scotland (YPI) programme engages a full year-group of students, developing skills and confidence through a contextualised learning experience. The programme raises awareness of social issues and local charities while building students’ confidence, research and presenting skills.

YPI is managed and principally funded by The Wood Foundation. Groups are asked to research a chosen charity then create a presentation about their work and why they should be awarded the £3,000 grant.

You can find out more about YPI through their website here.

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Are you a pupil interested in presenting on Simba?

If you are starting your YPI journey and would like to learn more about Simba, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have! 

We have created this document which should be helpful for you while researching and putting together your presentation. 

If you have any queries or further questions, please do call us on 0131 353 0055 or email [email protected]

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