Trees of Tranquillity

Dundee Tree of Tranquillity

Our Trees of Tranquillity are unique to Simba, they are stunning, hand crafted, life sized sculptures, made from steel, where each leaf (made from copper) on the tree represents a baby who has died.

Each Tree is adorned with individual leaves, each engraved with a personal message.  The Tree of Tranquillity offers bereaved parents the opportunity to honour their baby in a simple, quiet way.

Our Trees of Tranquillity are not just for the newly bereaved, but also for parents who sadly lost their baby years ago and were perhaps provided with little or no recognition of their baby’s existence. Our Trees provide the means to express a private and public declaration in memory of the lost hopes and dreams for our babies. It is a beautiful symbol of remembrance, that effectively ‘grows’ as leaves are added.

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Our Tree locations

Explore our map, where you will find our Head Office, Bereavement Rooms and Trees of Tranquillity locations.

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Help us preserve our Trees

Since the start of 2024 Scotland has endured 3 major storms, flooding and high winds resulting in several of our beautiful Trees of Tranquillity being sadly damaged. We need continued help to preserve these much loved remembrance sculptures.

Our stunning hand-crafted, life-sized steel sculptures are unique to Simba and are much loved by bereaved families across Scotland. Every Tree of Tranquillity is adorned with copper leaves, each one honouring a baby who has died. Each leaf is carefully engraved with a heartfelt message. They mean so much to so many. However, since the beginning of this year, we’ve endured some unprecedented extreme weather and the storms have affected some of our precious Trees, with both leaves and branches being sadly damaged.

We aim to fix any notified damage as soon as we can, but we need funds to do this. So, we are reaching out now to ask all our supporters to donate – whatever you can afford – towards a ‘Preservation Fund’ specifically for our Trees of Tranquillity. We recognise that our Trees of Tranquillity offer a safe haven for our bereaved families to remember and honour their baby in a quiet and reflective space.