Honouring baby loss


At Simba we support families who have lost their baby. 

We help those grieving create precious moments to honour their memory. 

Where there is darkness, we shine gentle light by making time, giving space and sharing love.

The approach we take is deeply personal, our team and volunteers coming together because every baby matters. 

Every single one.

One of the most important things we offer is a Memory Box, each one unique, handmade with love.

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What we do

We support families who have lost a baby in three ways.


No parent can ever imagine having to be told that their baby has died at a stage where they are preparing for a life with their newborn. Our Memory Boxes help them create forever memories.


We support communities to create peaceful, private Bereavement Rooms in hospitals. These safe spaces allow families to spend priceless time together with their baby after it has died.

Trees of

Across Scotland we have created memorial Trees of Tranquility where families can go and remember their baby. We also hold events each year such as around Baby Loss Awareness Week.  

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Why Simba?

Simba is all about honouring baby loss. We provide direct support to bereaved families at their critical time of loss through our Memory Boxes and our Bereavement Rooms.

In the months and years that follow their loss, we offer comfort and support through our ‘Trees of Tranquillity’ remembrance sculptures and online Support Groups; both offering grieving families a chance to share experience with others who have been affected. 

We are the only Scottish based charity that focuses on providing memory making opportunities for parents who have experienced miscarriage as well as stillbirth and have been carrying this out since 2005. We are affiliated with the Royal College of Midwives, and we keep the voices of parents and families at the centre of all we do.

Right now, the demand for our services has never been greater. We work tirelessly to donate hand finished, unique Memory Boxes to individuals at home and to maternity and gynaecology wards, neonatal units, and hospices so that families can, where possible, create memories of precious time spent together.  

Where this is not possible, families have a cherished keepsake to acknowledge and honour their baby’s existence. We also refurbish Bereavement Rooms in hospitals to create a peaceful and private space for grieving families, and we install and maintain memorial ‘Trees of Tranquillity’ – each Tree is adorned with copper leaves which belong to individual families and honour their lost little one with a personal engraved message. In our communities, we highlight key yearly events such as Baby Loss Awareness Week in October.

History of Simba

In 2005, our former CEO Sara Fitzsimmons, then a midwife at The Simpsons Maternity Hospital in Edinburgh, was profoundly saddened to see bereaved parents return home with nothing in their arms.

She organised the gifting of Memory Boxes to several bereaved families at the Hospital. By 2007, the Charity became registered as SiMBA (Simpsons Memory Box Appeal).

We are deeply proud of our history and all the hard work that has gone into growing the Charity into what it is today.

Sara’s legacy carries on in our work reaching out to and supporting bereaved families in Scotland when they need us most. You can view highlights of our history on the digital scrapbook opposite. With thanks to Karyn Williamson, Digital Preservation Specialist at DigiKive.

Find us

Explore our map, where you will find our Head Office, Bereavement Rooms and Trees of Tranquillity locations.

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Support us with a donation

Without fundraising, Simba would simply not be able to provide the support that so many bereaved families need at their critical time of loss. We heavily rely on the kindness and generosity from our incredible supporters throughout the year.