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Mhairi’s Story

Our beautiful daughter Hope who was stillborn in December 2023. Becoming a mother again and a bereaved mother simultaneously that day, my entire world shattered into a million pieces.

 “One single moment changes an entire previous life. A life that I thought I had planned out. A life where I wasn’t constantly seeing a piece of my heart missing.

Holding Hope in my arms, even though she was small, I immediately sensed her impact in this world. No parent wants a Memory Box instead of their new-born baby. However, with the help of Simba, a charity which aims to help parents through the pain of losing a child, parents are able to collect memories from the short titime they spend together. When Hope was born, she was given a beautiful knitted blanket and a little bear. There were two blankets and two bears, one for Hope to have and one for me to keep. I hold the bear and blanket beside me everyday. It brings me so much comfort. I have her hand and foot prints, photographs, candle and more all in her Memory Box.

After Hope was born, I spent two days in a busy maternity ward surrounded by new-born baby cribs as Christmas lights twinkled in the hallway. However, with the help of Simba, they aim to ensure no bereaved parent has to go through such trauma.” 

Hope’s Mummy, Mhairi

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