Theresa Fyffe

Chair of the Board

Theresa Fyffe

The loss of a baby is devastating for parent and families, which is why breaking the silence of loss is central to what we do."


Theresa is a multi disciplinary and multi agency leader with over 40 years experience in a range of sectors including front line nursing, nursing education, Scottish Government and most recently with the Royal College of Nursing.

Her experience centres on health and social care policy, strategic development and implementation, governance within a membership environment and research and development.

Theresa’s leadership style is to lead by values, enable and empower people to grow and build synergies across teams, sectors and ideas. With more than 25 years in mentoring and coaching both direct reports and senior executives across a local, national and international landscape she is keen to bring her practical, pragmatic skills and experience to those working in leadership and executive roles across any sector.

Theresa has a tenacity for seeking a solution to a complex problem, developing strategy and turning this into action and creative thought into a movement that everyone can get behind along with a dose of good humour and realism to boot.